Removing Financial Blocks that Keep You from Abundant Money Flows

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This class has been superseded by the brand new Creating a Financial Reality that Works for You Course.  Click the button below to learn more about this course.

Are there energetic forces messing with your finances? For energetically aware people (especially healers) there can be a lot. These along with limiting constructs we bought from other people, religions, societies, and more, keep you from receiving and keeping the abundant money we naturally could.

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This class is superseded by the brand new Creating a Financial Reality that Works for You Course.

The new course contains all this class, new updates, and much, much more.

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In this video class, you will uncover and learn to identify the hidden forces that are keeping your finances small. You’ll also see how these energies relate to other areas in your life and keep you stuck. Once you see these blocks, you can use the tools presented in the webinar to start changing them now. You’ll learn new ways to approach any problem or issue and untangle the blocks that have been limiting you, including the ones that were keeping you small and making you feel wrong.

This class also has been called “Are there demons in your bank account?” as there often are a surprising number of energetic forces that often hide or mess with our bank and credit card accounts.  And yes, we’ll remove any in your accounts on the call.

Bonus: Introduction to the hidden forces and reasons that keep us small and how to start changing them. Normally this is taught as a separate class, but since you need this information for clearing around our finances, you’ll get that too.

4 reviews for Removing Financial Blocks that Keep You from Abundant Money Flows

  1. Shauna Chandler (verified owner)

    I knew something was up with my money flows and with a joint account in particular. The clearings from the call where absolutely amazing and the energy completely shifted for me. I am always amazed at the magic that weaves throughout my life after a session with Max. Thank YOU!

  2. ARACELI (verified owner)

    Thank You Max, for sharing “YOU”. The clearing of “Demons in the bank account” has shifted the energy for me. I much appreciate your gentleness and non-judgement and making me feel total Vulnerable and ease to talk to you. Yes during the session my body experienced flow of energy and I could see Clearer ( my eyesight improved). You are magnificent Being and thank you for sharing your Magic. I highly recommend others to experience your magic that you share.

  3. susieloustockham (verified owner)

    Max has a unique and effective way to clear away the deep-seated energies you can’t put words to. His method is gentle and fast to unlock new and exciting potencies! I feel like I’m walking on a cloud after any time I spend with him. He has a truly magical gift.

  4. A. Pavey (verified owner)

    I have just started using the clearing tools in this course to help unlock the potential and beauty available to me in my life. Max has a gentle yet very effective way to open and release any blockages or limitations in your world. I look forward to learning and using more of his tools, knowledge, expertise, and teachings to facilitate all the possibilities in my world! Thank you Max!

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