Releasing Walk-in Issues and Reclaiming Fractures and Alters


Most people on the energetic awareness path have had a walk-in experience.  It can be confusing and limiting until you understand it.  Once you do, and clear limitations and emotions around it, this experience can greatly add to your growth and you can feel more comfortable being you.  Fractures and Alters are parts of you that broke off, often from traumatic or challenging experiences. Until they are re-integrated they can cause many symptoms. Making it feel like you have regressed on your empowerment journey. You will re-integrate and reclaim these fractures in the second part of this course.

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85% or more people on the empowerment, spiritual, or self-growth path have experienced a walk-in experience.  This is where you, your being, came into your body after you were born.  In some cases, it may even have only been just a few years ago.  For me, I came into this body in 2016.  Ideally, the walk-in experience is supposed generative, supportive to both you and the being who previously was in the body.  But until you understand it, and know what “memories” are yours and what memories are the previous occupant’s, it can feel confusing or even feel wrong that it happened in the first place.  It can become really tangly and limit your growth path.

Some symptoms of being a walk-in.  

You may feel you don’t have a good connection with your body.

You might not feel like you know your family.

You might have incomplete memories of what should have been important events in your life.

In this course, you will understand the walk-in proceed.  


In the second part of this course, you will reclaim your fractures and alters.

Fractures and alters are parts of you that might have broken off from traumatic events or experiences.

They can be activated when similar experiences come up. Making you more reactive than you would be normally.  They can even “mess” with you like an annoying child following you around constantly judging and commenting on your every move.  Yikes.  No wonder you are stressed and can over react.

Other modalities might call this “a soul retrieval”

Fractures and alters can also come up when you’ve done a lot of growth work.  Until they are re-integrated they can prevent you from taking your next step on your journey.  Even making you feel like you have (temporarily) regressed years in your growth work.

Just a few Fracture symptoms:

  • You don’t feel like yourself.
  • You have odd old memories or emotions.
  • You get triggered easily.
  • You feel helpless, discouraged, and irritable.
  • Energetic clearing doesn’t seem to work as well.
  • You feel like you moved backward.

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If you have any questions on this process, the class, or if fractures might be up in your reality, please email me.


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