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In the Beginning

I thought had tried everything, but those self-critical thoughts were still there – just as loud as ever. Was all this doubt, judgment, and insecurity just going to be with me the rest of my life?

Fortunately, that wasn’t to be the case, but from where I started from, it seemed like it never would change.

For most of my life, there was a constant stream of non-stop self-critical thoughts running through my head.

You are worthless, not good enough, don't fit in, and it's your fault.

These were just a few of the thoughts that were always there. But I couldn’t tell anyone. Because if people knew the awful things, I thought about myself, they would think I was really messed up. Or even worse, might they agree with those negative thoughts?

It wasn’t right. “But might something really be wrong or broken in me? “

I read all the self-help books I could find. Trying to figure out - why I felt like this, why I didn’t fit in, why I was so sensitive, and why this world didn’t make much sense? Affirmations, visualizations, journaling, alcohol, and even drugs - none of it worked.

Since it seemed like it was going to be this way forever, I kept constantly busy trying to distract myself from hearing these awful thoughts. I had given up trying to shift them years ago, because nothing ever would change them.

Years later, feeling lost and hopeless, I said to the Universe,

“Something has to change. I can’t keep going on like this.”

The next day a friend invited me to an energetic workshop. I was so down and out, thinking “what’s even the point” I almost didn’t go. But somehow, I managed to get out the door and went. Little did I know that would be the night that would change everything.

In that workshop I learned:

Many of your thoughts (especially self-critical ones) aren’t even your thoughts.
And just like you can’t change someone else’s opinion,
You can’t “change” these thoughts, but there is a secret to removing them.

Energetic Releasing Clearings - Specific words coupled with added internal energy
remove emotions, blocks, and upsets that you weren’t able to remove before.

You are not alone. There are other aware people just like you!
People that perceive energies and emotions under the surface that
average “muggle” type people just don’t sense.

Could this be true? I almost didn’t believe it. I had gone from feeling hopeless that this would never change. To a new feeling, what was it? Could it be? Yes, it was actually feeling hopeful about the future!

I didn’t have to keep listening to the critical thoughts in my head! I finally could kick them out! The ones that had been with me for years, were now gone. Those self-critical thoughts no longer had any control over me.

Life could be fun again!

And this was just the start of my energetic awareness journey. Over the next years I built upon the first tools I learned on that one night. Exploring new perspectives of the energetic world, creating new tools, and energetic processes that work even faster than the ones I originally learned. It’s now easy to quickly shift blocks and limits for me and my clients.

And I can help you remove self-critical limiting thoughts and the emotional and energetic blocks in your way.

In our time together, I would like to share with you 3 key energetic tools so that you also can start having peace, harmony, and a deep confidence in yourself.

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My Approach

I see you as powerful, capable, and pretty amazing. While it's pretty easy for all of us to judge ourselves harshly, considering what you've been through in your life, you've actually done a good, if not a great job.  I get that it might not feel that way, but no matter where you are or what you are feeling today, you can achieve the life you would like.  Together we can create that life.

"I felt seen, for the first time!"  Laura in Seattle.  

You'll receive deep caring and nurturing in all of my work. Deep change and growth does not have to be uncomfortable.   I create HUGE change while also being nurturing and supportive.  While parts of sessions may not be 100% comfortable, you will be so supported along the way, you’ll have the courage to go to places you couldn’t before.

I see everything you are doing or have done as showing your strength.  There is no judgment in our work together.  If there are any negative judgments keeping you from taking that next step, we remove them, so you can access your deep strength and take that step.


“Max, would you like a testimonial? I'm so thrilled about what happened after our session. The cough that I've had for six months is gone! Who would have thought that clearing issues with my family and letting go of always taking care of people was holding it in place. Thank you!"

Karen in Seattle

"I received so much from this class. I want to live in a world where everyone has taken a class from Max.”

Henry S in Seattle

"Max! I'm so very grateful and thankful to you for assisting me the other day! It’s sort of rocked my world, although in a healthy way! What seemed like magic happened since then. Thank you for everything!"

Cris L - Seattle 

Max. The way he unraveled the energy I could not put words to was simply stunning. He has a gift of listening in a way most do not. Throughout the session, as he explained certain things, I was receiving awarenesses I might not have done so with others. I was able to be raw, vulnerable, me!"

Kay in Las Vegas 

"Hey Magic Max! I am experiencing gratitude for you today and you have had a huge impact in my reality. You should double your rates! You are a bargain at twice the price. I am now experiencing ease with legal and money issues and wasn’t expecting it but also ease with my family, pets, and home. In our sessions, you got in my head and grabbed stuff I had hidden and not only removed it but vaporized it. I've even looked to find limitations that were always there and now they are just gone. Big Change is showing up super-fast and while I'm hitting the gas, I am aware of how much easier this is with my body after my sessions with you. Feel free to use me as a referral anytime.
You da bomb!"                                                                      - Diana in Houston

For your deep level of support and rapid change, contact me to start now or ask any questions about my programs.

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