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information Just recently discovered

The energetic forces influencing and messing with your body and weight

When you see the reasons and what's been influencing you,

You'll stop self-critical judgment and rediscover a deep compassion for yourself.

This video was recorded Live during my weekly clearing and releasing program.

So you can get an insider view of the energies you will release 

and remove in the Full Course.

There are so many judgments about our bodies and the foods

we eat. You'll see me strongly sensing and then removing 

these non-contributive energies in this short video.

We will go deep so you can see and then remove what's been messing with your body

 What if the reason you can't sense what you body wants to tell you, was because your communication channels were being messed with, or even hijacked?

8 Classes to Reconnect You and Your Body 

Hidden Information so you can unlock and release fat

Understand the reasons fat was a contribution to you, and then you can release it.  

Deep Releasing, Clearing and Healing

Removing the energies, stuck emotions that have been keeping you and your body separate.  

Join with People on the Same Path

Energetically Aware People have been implanted to feel like they are all alone - You aren't.  

Energetic Releasing Audio for support at any time 

Removing the forces messing with your food, eating, and more.

What really causes cravings and why you couldn't resist it

You can't change someone else and most if not all your cravings aren't actually yours, so you couldn't change them.

Your Questions Answered

Time for your questions on the live calls or via email.

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Here Are Your Questions Answered

Is this a diet program?

Question One

No, but it will show you why diets previously haven't worked or why you didn't have the results you wanted.  And that it wasn't your fault.  While I'll share some tips that I've found worked for me and my clients, this course is designed to remove the emotions and external energies that keep you from having the body you would like.   So after this course making even small adjustments to what you eat can then create the results you would like.

I've taken programs around weight and body before and felt bad afterwards.

Question Two

I totally get that and you'll learn why you felt that way in this course.  And you are really going to love the approach of this course. It is taught with no judgement and lots of support and nurturing.   Can you feel your body relax upon hearing that?  When you see all the forces that have been pushing you to eat more, eat the wrong things, and judge your body harshly, you'll have even more compassion for yourself and your body.

What do you mean my connection with my body has been messed with?

Question 3

Wow, can you feel the energy around just asking that question?  Your body is amazing, loving and truly the best friend you could ever have.  If it doesn't feel that way to you (and for most people it doesn't feel even close to good) that means your connection has been messed with.  We will change this so you can have the loving relationship with your body that you deserve.

What do you mean about energetic forces?

Question Four

Now this can feel a bit weird the first time you hear it, it seemed pretty weird for me the first time I heard it too.  But have you noticed that when you start to make great progress on a goal or having more in your life, something seems to always stop you?  Did it seem that those challenges came out of nowhere? What if that is one of the way's external energies can resist you?  Now you will learn what to do when this comes up and that you are always stronger than any energetic force that "tries" to influence you.

I don't have challenges with excess weight,  will this course be helpful to me?

Question 5

Yes,  while the topic will tend to be around excess weight, fat and food cravings, the core of this course is about creating a more loving relationship with your body. And there are so many external influences (and some hidden internal ones) that prevent you from having the contributive relationship you and your body both deserve. 

Have additional questions on if this course - or working with me directly is right for you?

Question 6

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