Create a Contributive Financial Reality

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There are many emotional and energetic forces that mess with your finances.  These forces along with limiting constructs we bought from other people, religions, societies, keep you from receiving your natural, authenticated contribution money flow. In this course, we will remove these non-contributive energies and forces, so you can have abundant money flows.

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You can create a contributive financial reality that works for you.  The first step is to remove the energetic and emotional blocks and limits that are preventing ease with money.  A big part of this is energetic forces (built into the money and finance system) that keep your financial reality small, limited, and make money a struggle.

The monetary system is designed to keep kind, caring, energetic aware people locked into limited finances.  Even when you come into extra money, unexpected expenses can suddenly arise removing any gains.  What if that isn’t supposed to happen?  It’s not!

Remove any limitations from governments, religions, family, and surprisingly even new age spirituality, that limits or even prevents you from even just having enough.

Over the 11 classes in this course, we will remove

  • Negative Money Programs
  • Lineage and past life agreements
  • Energetic Forces draining your banking accounts
  • Energy drains from “bills”
  • Any negative associations with having too much money (this messes with most kind people.)

We will be creating

  • Your contributive financial reality
  • Contributive Money Flows in and through your accounts
  • Ease with receiving money and gifts

Want a quick start on the class?  Where you can start to see what is really going on?

Click here and watch the intro video and start changing your finances now!



6 reviews for Create a Contributive Financial Reality

  1. Ana T (verified owner)

    Max, the class was sooooo Amazing! It was truly a different financial class! So much was cleared for me that I had imagined existed or truly aware of the unseen stuff. My world has been so quiet and the little changes are just phenomenal. Signing agreements or contacts is so much quieter afterwards. Looking forward to what’s next.

  2. Sonja (verified owner)

    I just love how deep Max digs into things in every single class he does. When you think ok, we’re ok, we’re done… Max digs even deeper until he gets to the bottom of things. The financial class knocked my socks off!! Fun, laughter, digging deep and very powerful clearings and so much more awareness about my relationship to money. Having it, not having it and …. paying taxes. Just the tip of the iceberg of finances we looked into. Thank you Max. I listen again and again and each listen brings up more.

  3. Lorrie Colorado (verified owner)

    Once again, Max knocks it out of the park. He said he would have a single class on money and finances, I laughed, since when does Max have only a single class. He never settles for less, he always goes for it. If you sign up for a class with Max, just know you will MORE than your money’s worth.

  4. Tamara Robeer (verified owner)

    I have take action on changing my financial reality actively for years, yet only after these classes, I felt confident and clear I have got this. Frustration had hit an all-time low, and Max helped me change that. The classes go deep, you will walk away with a completely new reality and an inner shift that is priceless. It resonates, please do follow this class.

  5. Bari

    This class went far deeper than I ever thought it would. I have walked away with a completely different relationship to money, I am much more relaxed about the entire subject. I can see much more clearly how the financial system works and also how it has been set up to not work for everyone, by design, Super interesting. I highly recommend!

  6. Max Riggs

    Here is what some participants said after the first class.

    “Oh my gosh, that was such a great class on Thursday. I appreciated that so much! Also, it’s interesting I looked at what you were charging and I felt you could charge far more! I was honestly just surprised at the price. I do appreciate you very much thank you for everything!” SP

    “Class was amazing! The part about the “class system” was spot on. In the western world, we don’t think we have a caste system but it’s there. Also, the part about gifts and all gifts have strings attached really resonated with me.” TA

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