Recharge Your Life – Recharge, Rediscover, Recreate


In this eight-part course you will be recharging, recreating your life to excite and energize you again. It is so easy for us as energetically aware people to get off track to get pulled into a holding pattern. Rediscover what excites you and then the easy to take steps to get you moving toward the life you love.

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As an energetically aware person, it’s easy to get pulled off your path.  Pulled into what can seem like a holding pattern.  Where you are waiting for something to happen, waiting for that sign, waiting for that pull or push, so your life can be fun, so it can be exciting again.

I have too, and I’ve found that waiting sometimes works, but what greatly speeds the process is

Taking your first step and then taking your next one.

But taking that first step and going on that journey can feel hard, or feel like too much work.

In this 8-Week Small Group program (running now) we will be taking those steps together.

1-Rediscover your goals and dreams, or create new ones

  • Your previously exciting dreams can go stale, they can lose their luster, their excitement.
  • Your dreams might not be your dreams any longer.  What was your dream at 21 might not relevant for you now.
  • Refresh any dreams that still excite you and/or create new fun and exciting dreams.

2-Find your WHY

  • Find your big WHY, it is your reason for doing what you do.
  • It’s deeper and more powerful than even a life purpose. 
  • It supports you as you go for any goal or dream. 
  • It is the extra motivation that keeps you going. 

3-Designing your life

  • Your amazing life can feel so far away, which can feel unmotivating even to try.
  • But what if you could start having that today?  By just adding or subtracting 1 thing?
  • What needs to be added?  What needs to be Subtracted?  What Changed?
  • We will design the life you would like and then you just shift your current life to become that.

4-Personalized action steps

  • It is one thing to “know” what to do.  Another to actually do it.  VL
  • What you think you need to do to achieve your dreams can seem like it is too hard, it is too much work. VL
  • What if you could accomplish what you would like in simple, quick, or in even easy fun steps?
  • We will create your personalized action plan for your success.

And much more, including:

  • Removing Financial Blocks to easily receive more money and more freedom
  • Increasing Your Business Success – Whether you work for yourself or work for a company.
  • Rediscover your fun, or finding your new fun.

Any questions on if this course is right for you, email or Facebook messenger me.

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