You desire rapid change NOW and you aren’t won’t wait any longer. 


In your customized VIP days, we focus deeply on any areas that you are ready to experience change now and exponentialize your growth.  When you are in the energetic change field we create, over this extended time, it does something special.  Creating change beyond what we could do in even multiple hour sessions.  It is the fastest way to create deep and lasting change. 

Your VIP days are specialized just for you.  What would you like to change, release or create if you could have anything from your VIP days?  Or maybe you just KNOW that something, you might not know exactly what it is, needs to change so you can finally Become Who You Came Here to Be!  Whether you know specifically what you desire to change, or just desire to step into more of you, will can create that.

Your personalized energetic change day is tailored for you and continually adjusted.  Some areas might require a gentle but continual pressure to remove and break through.  While others might require a gentleness and receiving energy.  All throughout your energetic change, you will be fully supported.  

These days can include other activities such as spa, nature areas, or even combined with social actives. 

If you just know this is for you, or you get tingles just thinking out this, message be below and together let’s create your personalized growth day or days of change.

Locations: Remote, at your location, or at a location or venue of your choice.

Investment: Full Days start at $1675 and do not include travel or additional activity costs. Number of days or even partial days are customizable for you.  What would be perfect for you?


I'm interested In My Own VIP Day
I'm looking forward to talking with you about the change you desire to create with your own VIP Days. Let me know a bit about what you are looking to change and if you have specific questions.