Hi, I'm Max

I help energetically aware (sometimes called highly sensitive or HSP) people understand their feelings and perceptions. 

You perceive energies and emotions under the surface that other people just can't sense.

I explain what is really going on behind your perceptions and our reality in an easy to understand way. 

With compassion, self-accepting and easy to learn energetic tools, you will step into the amazing you, you've always wanted to be.

This is My Gift You

After seeing how so many Energetically Aware People Struggle in this world, I was compelled to put out this FREE course for you. 

Energetic Awareness and energetic sensitivity can feel like quite a burden.  

I know, because it felt like a burden to me, for most of my life too.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Once you learn this hidden information and apply simple to use tools, what was once a burden can once again become the gift it was meant to be.

In this FREE Energetic Empowerment Video Series 

You will Learn the CORE Energetic principles, so you can move beyond any limitation into the you, You have always wanted to be!

In the Course you will Learn

You are Stronger than You Think You Are  (You will see that for yourself right in the course)

The world we live in has been designed to make it hard if not impossible for you to see (much less access) your authentic strength. 

Why self-critical thoughts can be hard (if not impossible) to change and how to finally remove them.

It's simple to do, but it's been a secret that almost no one knows.

What if it is NOT you resisting you?  It's NOT!  

You've probably heard the meme, "the only one stopping you is you."  That is a LIE!

And one of the most disempowering things we have been told.

There is hidden external resistance that slows or even stops your forward progress.  

Once you see it, you'll remove the self-blame and shift where you've been using your own energy against you. 

When you direct your energy to remove this external resistance, you will move through what might have seemed impossible before.

Plus - Gain and an empowering new way of looking at this world and this reality.  

One that allows you to move through any challenge or over any obstacle.  

Meet Max

Hi, I'm Max Riggs, Energetic Empowerment Coach and Energy Healer.  

For most of my life, I thought I was "too" sensitive.  Even thinking something must be broken in me.  After years of struggle and searching, I found the surprising truth.  I wasn't broken, and you aren't either, it was that what we were told about the world and reality that was wrong.  

Under the "visible" surface, there are emotions, energies and energetic forces we perceive that "non sensitives" just can't.

I explain what is really going on behind your perceptions in an easy-to-understand way.  Because contrary to what you've been told, energies and energetic forces are not complicated or scary.  

Join with me to learn what you actually are sensing, easy to use energetic tools, and step into the amazing version of you.

The you, you always wanted to be.

Read more about Max's Story here.

Start Here and Access the Course

In the FREE Energetic Empowerment Video Series 

You will learn the CORE of what you need to know on your energetic journey.  

Learn what is required for you to move forward.

And when you complete this series, you'll not only know what has been resisting you on your journey, you'll know what to do and the steps to take to move forward no matter what!

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