Speeding Your Body’s Natural Healing Abilities 6-Part Video Course

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In this six-part webinar course, we will see (and clear) what slows our body’s natural healing abilities and/or prevent health issues from changing quickly. Including removing limiting belief we picked up from even well-meaning people including medical professionals. As well as anything else that prevents us from healing rapidly.

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What if your body just naturally heals quickly?  And you could speed your body’s natural healing abilities to more quickly recover from an illness or injury.  To start to change a health issue that doesn’t seem to be improving? In this six part webinar course we will see (and clear) our own and society’s beliefs that slow our body’s natural healing abilities and/or prevent health issues from changing.

Max identifies and clears the rarely mentioned forces that also impact healing; including connections we have to other people, to energetic energies or even to energetic beings. Together you will work with Max to clear  these limiting beliefs as well as energy draining connections so you can start speeding your healing today.

You can watch the first webinar for free here.


  • Includes Speeding Your Body’s Natural Healing MP3 ($67.50 value) that you can use anytime you want to give your immune system a boost or speed your healing.
  • Includes This Changes Now! Strong v4.0 MP3 ($47.50 value) for removing energetic forces, excess emotions and more.  Everything you need when you are having a tough day or a big challenge.
  • 30 minute personal energetic change session with Max ($125 value) 
  • 6-weeks of email support as you move through these energetic healing classes.

3 reviews for Speeding Your Body’s Natural Healing Abilities 6-Part Video Course

  1. Marilyn (verified owner)

    Wow! At the ‘being friends with your body’ part, I started tearing up, after years of being sick. I wasn’t happy with my body. And now I love my body and I know my body loves me. Life has been so hard and full of challenges for us two.

    Max takes us on a thorough and deep journey, it’s intense and fun at the same time and he covers all subjects possible, related to health and healing. I feel both my body and I need time to digest it all, so I’ve been going through the classes slowly. One step at the time.

    The difficulties we went through are unraveling one by one, tension eases and all stress is coming to a rest. There is more space to just be. Body and I feel more comfortable together, we are more gentle/friendly towards each other and enjoying our time and life together way more

  2. Jayne (verified owner)

    Thank you for your calls and additional tools like the Power Pose, Morning Power Process, and the Speeding Your Body’s Healing audio.

  3. Alex (verified owner)

    It was life-changing. Loved the class and would highly recommend it.

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