Releasing and Changing Body Health Challenges


In this 9-part webinar course, we will see (and clear) what slows your body’s natural healing abilities and/or prevents health issues from changing quickly. Because your body can naturally heal and recover more quickly than we often think. Including removing limiting beliefs you might have picked up from even well-meaning people including medical professionals.  Plus remove anything else that prevents you from healing rapidly.

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This class is to help speed healing and energetically support you and your body in moving through any health challenge.  
It contains the latest energetic clearings and awareness to help you shift your health challenge.

What if your body just naturally heals quickly?  And you could speed your body’s natural healing abilities to more quickly recover from an illness or injury.  To start to change a health issue that doesn’t seem to be improving?

In this nine-part webinar course, we will see (and clear) our own and society’s beliefs that slow our body’s natural healing abilities and/or prevent health issues from changing.  Also calling in Healing, Nurturing, and Supporting energies to help your body heal quickly.

Max identifies and clears the rarely mentioned forces that also impact healing; including connections, we have to other people, to energetic energies, or even to energetic beings. Together you will work with Max to clear these limiting beliefs as well as energy-draining connections so you can start speeding your healing today.


  • Includes Be Incredibly Healthy Now!  MP3 ($67.50 value) that you can use anytime you want to give your immune system a boost or speed your healing.
  • Includes This Changes Now! Adv MP3 ($67.50 value) for removing energetic forces, excess emotions, and more.  Everything you need when you are having a tough day or a big challenge.
  • 6-weeks of email support as you move through these energetic healing classes.
Part 1- Better connection with your body
  • Pretty much everyone has had their communication between their being and their body messed with.  This can make it so you don’t trust your body or your body doesn’t trust you.

Part 2-Guiding and Supporting Your Body

  • Guiding and supporting your body Claiming and Owning your Body. Being the highest authority for your body.

Part 3-Leading Body

  • Being the leader and guide for your body

Part 4- Are You an Energetic Healer?

  • Yes you are and removing where you are healing others to you and your body’s disadvantage

Part 5-Untangling and Shifting Any Health Challenge

  • Using the Shifting Body Health Conditions Clearing Sheet for any condition

Part 6- Judgments, limitations, and DNA

  • Clearing lineage agreements and health conditions embedded in your DNA.

Part 7-Aligning and Supporting Body

  • What if you the being aren’t aligned with your body?  Are you facing a different direction than your body?

Part 8- Shifting Limiting Beliefs about being a woman

  • Society has limited women for centuries.  You can be impacted by these beliefs, even ones you “think” you don’t believe.  Remove these in this class.

Part 9 -Release and Remove Health Conditions that women experience.


Increase your contributive connection with your body.
Remove energies, emotions, and even entities that resist your healing.
Create a more loving relationship with your body.
Have any questions about the course?
If it is right for you?  Or any other questions?
Email me and I’m happy to help answer your questions or energetically tap in to see if this course would be a contribution to you.


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