Hi, I'm Max

I help energetically sensitive and aware people understand and remove the hidden external energetic resistance that is keeping them from having and living amazing lives.

It this energetic resistance that locks in any limiting beliefs, messes with your finances, health and even tries to stop you when you try to take empowering steps in your life. 

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This live Zoom you will learn - What this energetic resistance is,  how to find it, and the energetic tools to remove it.  After this Masterclass you'll have the keys to unlock any block or limit and step into the you, you've always wanted to be.

Removing Energetic Resistance
is the Key

If you’ve done energetic work before, you’ve felt the rapid change as you energetically released limiting beliefs, negative emotions, and accessed more your authentic strength.  

You created huge positive life changes that just weren’t possible before without doing energetic work.

What if you could double the power and effectiveness of those energetic tools?

You can, because there is an additional energetic component that most modalities miss.

And once you remove it, energetic work becomes easier and more effective.

That piece is 

External Energetic Resistance

External energetic components are present in any limiting belief or challenge that isn’t changing.

In the Remove Energetic Resistance Free Masterclass you will:

Understand what this Energetic Resistance is
Discover how to find it (it hides in surprising places) 
Learn easy to use tools to remove it

Once you learn this hidden information, you will have the keys to unlock any blocks or limiting beliefs.

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Meet Max

Hi, I'm Max Riggs, Energetic Empowerment Coach and Energy Healer.  

For most of my life, I thought I was "too" sensitive.  Even thinking something might be broken in me.  After years of struggle and searching, I found the surprising truth.  I wasn't broken, and you aren't either.  The truth was what we were told about the world and reality that was wrong.  

Under the "visible" surface, there are emotions, energies and energetic forces we perceive that "non sensitives" just can't.

I explain what is really going on behind your perceptions in an easy-to-understand way.  Because contrary to what you've been told, energies and energetic forces are not complicated or scary.  

Join with me to learn what you actually are sensing, easy to use energetic tools, and step into the amazing version of you.

The you, you always wanted to be.

Read more about Max's Story here.

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Removing Energetic Resistance Free Course

External Energetic Resistance makes every forward step harder and locks in every limiting belief.  Learn what it is, how to see it, and how to remove it.

You are Almost There

We take your privacy very seriously and would never spam you.  You can find our full Privacy Policy here.