Become the Woman You Want to Be! (2022 version)

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See and remove the societal and external resistance that has been placed in your way- Making is hard (if not impossible) to become the woman you would like to be. When we remove that resistance and anything else in the way as we will do in this video –  You can and you will step into that powerful woman and run free!

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Think about Becoming the Woman You Want to Be – Really feel into it. It should feel great, you know it should.
But do you feel some resistance to being that woman? 

That resistance is pretty strange, because it should feel great.

So what really is behind that? What is really preventing you from becoming the woman you desire to be?

When you tap into it, there is a HUGE amount of energetic resistance that has been placed in your way.

So, it’s no wonder that becoming the woman you desire to be is hard, really hard.  It can even seem to be impossible at times.

But Most of this resistance isn’t you!

It is External Energetic Resistance, preventing you from accessing your full strength.

When we remove it – You can run free!

What if you could access and have all of your authentic strength?
What if you could access and have the power and energy to accomplish your goals

That you WILL have as the woman you desire to be right now?

You can and you will!


This course contains 3 Powerful classes from 2 different empowerment courses grouped here because they specifically address and clear the deep energetic resistance that women experience.

It is offered at a reduced price because you deserve to feel great being a woman!

Video 1 – is the 6th part of the 9-part course Deep Body Connection (removing the forces messing with your body and your eating).

It also includes energetic tools to use to help you move through any challenges.  You know the ones where you keep looping the same negative repeating thoughts over and over. Ugg, we’ve all had those.  Just make them stop!

Now, this video is advanced so it isn’t for everyone.  But if you are a woman who is ready to step into more of your authentic natural strength, this just might be for you.

What if you could step into the woman you desire to be now?
You can!

Here is a 3-minute clip from the full video so you can see and feel the change it will create for yourself.


Video 2 and 3 – Are classes 8 and 9 from Releasing and Changing Body Health Challenges (2022)

Video 2 – Shifting Limiting Beliefs about being a woman

  • Society has limited women for centuries.  You can be impacted by these beliefs, even ones you “think” you don’t believe.  Remove these in this class.

Video 3 – Release and Remove Health Conditions that women experience.

  • Clearing around menstruation, menopause, UTIs, and more.

If you have any questions on if this course is right for you, email or message me.



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