Video Course – Remove the energetic forces influencing your weight and body

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In this nine-part, web-course you will learn what really is behind bodyweight challenges and how excess weight and fat actually protected you.  This hidden benefit is what made it so hard to change your weight. We uncover this and more, and change them, so you can again have a loving, nurturing connection with your body.  There is no judgment because once you see the forces pushing you, you will have so much more compassion for yourself and your body. Choose the main class or add 1 or 2 personal sessions for even deeper change.

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Remove the energetic and other forces that are messing with your body, food, and food cravings.

There is almost continual judgment around our bodies, excess body weight, and food choices.

Wow, and everything that brings up.  Remove and Release – Vaporize, Liquefy.

It’s hard to release weight and have a contributive supportive relationship with your body in this sea of continual judgment.

I’ve downloaded deep information on how our connection with our bodies and our food choices have been energetically messed with.

In this class, deep body information, knowledge, and energetic release in embedded in the videos.  So as your being and mind hear and understand, your body will also receive on a deep body level.  Energetically ask your body if your body would like this class. You can also watch a short introduction here.

Nine recorded webinars where we will cover

The reasons why it was beneficial to have extra weight and fat. (And then replace that with more powerful tools that work even better.

Reconnect or increase your connection with your authentic body.

Tap into the love your body has for you, even if you felt she let you down. 

Remove any “legal” agreements and contracts that actually prevent you from fully owning your body. 

  • Without clearing these, there is always a “third party” your body has to listen to.
  • Energetic forces can have “rights” to stay so you can’t kick them out with normal clearings

Learn that many of what seem like your food cravings aren’t actually your nor your body’s cravings at all!

Who’s are they?  And the secret to removing them.  

and much much more.

Any questions on if this course is right for you, email or Facebook messenger me.



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Body Course $497, Include 1-Session $597, Include 2-Sessions $697

4 reviews for Video Course – Remove the energetic forces influencing your weight and body

  1. Tanya W

    Max has a kind and nurturing yet very powerful way of tapping into areas to help change issues. This course is much more than just looking at weight issues and creates a better connection with your body.

  2. Christine (verified owner)

    So grateful for how Max uses his energetic gifts and intuition to tap in and assist with clearing out blocks preventing you from creating the body you truly desire with ease. He cares deeply about helping support you on your journey! Thanks Max

  3. Lorrie (verified owner)

    Max ‘s classes always go deep. His skill set of intuiting and clearing energies catch me by surprise every time. This class is a treasure to be used over and over again. I do feel a greater connection and trust with my body now.

  4. Sonja (verified owner)

    Totally amazing class that cleared much more than weight issues. I love the way you go deep into things and you clear/release much more than the original topic

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