Removing Pain – Energetic Releasing Audio v3.1

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This powerful audio set of 2 audios has over two hours of energetic releasing and clearings to change blocked and stuck energies that keep pain and body discomforts from lessoning or even being completely removed. These audios provide you with emotional and energetic support to move through your pain, shift, or remove it. Bonus 23.5-minute compressed version to create fast change right away.

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Two hours of energetic clearings to release blockage and stuck energies that keep pain and discomfort from lessoning or even being completely removed. This audio provides you with emotional and energetic support to help you move through your physical challenges more easily.

Play this audio to help move through all ranges of physical pain and discomfort. You can play this audio to take the edge off, or even to remove unwanted or excess emotions and to give you energetic support anytime you need it.

I designed this audio after hearing so many of my clients have ongoing physical pain from long-term conditions. It is packed full of the energetic clearings I use in my private sessions to shift energies and reduce the perception of discomforts or even remove them. I’ve found that energies and emotions can get stuck in the painful parts of our bodies and even that energetic forces can move into areas that have pain. So this audio also works to clear and remove entities, demons, creatures, aliens, reptilians, gods, and all other non-contributive energetic energies. If long-term pain management is required this audio can be played on repeat until you start to feel better.

There are two versions included in your purchase: the full-length 2-hour one and a 23.5-minute compressed one.

The compressed one has the full-length audio playing at four times normal speed in the background while you listen to a normal-speed shorter version. This is a very powerful audio designed to help take the edge off and start to change and reduce your perception of pain right away.

Since it is compressed and moves rapid-fire shifting and removing energies faster than normal, do not listen to it when driving a vehicle, operating machinery, or where fine motor skills or balance is required. While you can listen to this compressed version several times in a row, do not play it on constant repeat. Instead, use the full version for repeat play.

This is a powerful energetic clearing audio set and the first time listening to this audio, play the full version first and it is best to do this while at home or even while seated or lying down. Do not listen to this audio while driving or where fine motor coordination or balance is required.

Occasionally (usually just during the first few times listening) or if it is an especially challenging time, a rare number of people might experience some physical sensations such as dizziness or stomach discomfort while listening. This usually passes quickly, though reducing the volume until it is barely audible, or moving the playback device further away or even into another room can help.

The energies accessed in this audio do go way beyond verbal and yet all the clearing words are clearly audible and understandable. So you always know what you are releasing or clearing and have full choice through the entire audio. The compressed version only has clearings from the Full version, so you know exactly what is being said. Both audios will only remove or change what you want, and only when you want it.

You can listen to a 2-minute sample here:

Note: This energetic clearing audio is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. It is for education and energetic support only. Please seek licensed professional medical care for any diagnosis, or treatment and to confirm that any pains or discomforts you are experiencing are not indicative of a medical condition in need of treatment.

2 reviews for Removing Pain – Energetic Releasing Audio v3.1

  1. Steph

    I really like this audio. I find when I wake up in the middle of the night with pain, it helps me through the pain and even get back to sleep.

  2. Angie

    I wanted to say thank you! I recently had surgery and even though I normally do energetic clearings on my own, I couldn’t articulate what I wanted to clear. I pulled out your pain mp3, and the be healthy mp3, and listened to them. I really appreciate the ease of you helping me to clear what is available to clear. It is so nice anyway, but especially when I don’t have to do it all on my own! Thank you.

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