Be Incredibly Healthy Now! + Harmonize Medicines


Stay healthy when you are around people who are sick or speed your recovery if you become ill. This energetic support audio is nearly 3-hours of energetic releasing and clearing so your body can heal quickly.

Includes the Harmonize Medicines MP3 for the low price of $74.50 for both!



This Energetic Releasing and Rapid Change audio helps you stay healthy, become, and step into being the healthy energetic person you just naturally are. 

Includes The New Harmonize Medicines get both for the low price of $74.50 for both. That’s a $40 savings!

Whether you are or might be around people that are ill (especially during this virus concern) and you want to stay healthy or whether you have a current health concern and or low energy and want to heal, this audio can help. 

It is nearly 3 hours of deep energetic release, energetic change and energetic healing. Also included is a 25 minute Compressed version.

In this audio, we will be using my most powerful energetic tools so you can improve your health quickly.  This works for any health condition and helps keep you healthy even if you are exposed to people or places that might have previously made you ill.

While this audio is extremely powerful and it has helped me stay healthy and heal quickly and it’s helped all of my clients,  it is not a substitute or replacement for medical care. Though it does work with and supports traditional or alternative medical care.

Energetically aware people, just like you, actually have better, more accurate, more discerning immune systems and your body has many more rapid healing capacities than you might think. Your body is actually a very advanced body.   You and your body can be healthier and heal more quickly than most “normal or regular” type people without energetic abilities. 

This audio helps you tap into those capacities, those powers, so you can stay healthy and heal quickly.

The energies accesses in this audio do go beyond verbal and yet all the clearings on this audio are clearly audible. You always have full and complete choice in what you chose to release, clear and change.

You can listen to a 3-minute sample of this audio below.

Also included is an additional 25-minute compressed version. Which contains the full version playing at 4 times normal speed in the background, while normal speed clearings are audible. Note: This compressed version moves energies very quickly, so do not play while you are driving or require fine motor skills.

Important Disclaimer: Your mind is powerful and your thoughts impact how you and your body feels and heals. That is just one part of what this audio taps into,  but I do not make any medical or health claims about this audio. It is for your enjoyment and happiness only. 

Energetic healing audios are designed to supplement, not replace medical treatment. It works with traditional and alternative medical care. If you have a medical condition see your doctor and then use this audio. Listen to and follow your health provider’s advice on when, how, and what precautions to use when taking any medicines.   

For full instructions and how to get the most out of energetic releasing audios click here.

You get both this and the Harmonize Medicines Audio for $74.50 for over a $40 Savings



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