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Energetic Massage


This energetic recording guides you into an energetic massage with deep receiving. It can even feel as good as a physical massage. It accesses Universal energy which flows into and through your body, releasing tension, relaxing muscules and stretches and massages your body.

Because this energy can get into places normal massages can’t, in some ways it might even be better than a physical massage.
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Massage? Would you like one, but can’t get one now?

During this time of physical distancing, you probably could use more touch.  I’ve been craving touch and oh wouldn’t a massage be great?

But how could you receive a massage when everywhere is closed?

In this guided energetic massage, recorded live, you will experience a deep relaxation, release, and even have your muscles release and relax as in a physical massage.

This special process based upon a deep energetic receiving from the Universe that if you watch my video on receiving an energetic hug you can get a hint of what you’ll receive in this hour and fifteen-minute massage

As you receive this energy from the Universe, not only does it feel great, as the energy flows into your body we use this energy to remove the tension, toxins, and stretch and massage your body and your muscles, like in a physical massage.

Because this energy can get into places normal massages can’t, in some ways it might even be better. 

Would you like all the massage extras? 

  • Hot stones
  • Hot towel facial
  • Essential oils
  • Mini chiropractic adjustment
  • Even multiple masseuses at the same time? 
  • Yes, All these are included too!

You can use this guided massage anytime you have tired, sore, stiff muscles.  The energy and energetic receiving is embedded in the auto for deep receiving at any time.

Bonus: Edited version to play at night to help relax and fall asleep at night, or receive your massage while you sleep. So I can wake up with a relaxed and massaged body.

Since we are in a tough time right now and I’m sure you could use a massage, I’m offering this at 1/2 my regular price. 

Only $47

P.S.  We are all in this together.  Which is why I’m offering this massage at such a low price.  If you would like to add a tip for this massage, click the down arrow to add $5 or $10.

Looking forward to seeing you soon and for your body to receive the massage she/he so desires.

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One Massage $47, Add $5 tip to your Massage for $52, Add a $10 tip to your Massage for $57


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