Power Process MP3 - Quickly reclaim your natural power and remove forces messing with you.

Power Up Process Advanced Audio Recording v4.0

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This 16 minute advanced energetic releasing audio works to remove blocks to having more clarity and power.  Bonuses 5-minute Quick Power Up Process v4.0 version (plus PDF) for when you only have a few minutes and need a quick boost now.

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This 16-minute Advanced Power Up Process is my brand new and updated mp3 audio, (2019 version) it works to remove blocks to having more clarity and power.  It removes mind fog, excess emotions, upsets and gets you back to you. It also removes and clears any energetic forces messing with you, including entities, demons, gods and others.  You can use it at any time you would like more clarity and more of your authentic natural power.

Most people actually wake up in a not very powerful place. So I created this audio to quickly reclaim the power that we used to only have access to later in the day. It can be used at any time, though I recommend using it every morning, to start off your day in a powerful way. The more you use it the faster and deeper it works.

Bonuses:  A second audio – the 5-minute Quick version v4.0 – is also included with your purchase. Plus PDF version so you can run the clearings yourself.

The energies accesses in this audio do go beyond verbal and yet all the releasings and clearings on this audio are clearly audible, there is nothing subliminal here. You always have full and complete choice in what you clear and change.

Your purchase also includes any updates I make to these audios for one year.

Click play below to listen to a two-minute sample.

2 reviews for Power Up Process Advanced Audio Recording v4.0

  1. Sonja (verified owner)

    I love Max’s Power Process audio and I do it on a daily basis! – A wonderful way to start my day and to be in my total power. I LOVE IT!

  2. Jane Dignan (verified owner)

    I have found this morning process extremely helpful for energizing and setting the tone for the day. The more I do it the more realizations of the implications I see and applications I find expanding it as I go. Thank you, Max.

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