Removing Forces Messing with Your Eating and Your Weight -Energetic Audio Recording


Brand New 2022 v5 version.  Packed with 4.5 hours of non-stop energetic releasings and removings to release and remove food cravings, urges to give you more control, choice, and freedom with your food and eating.    Recently discovered food cravings are not actually yours, nor your body’s!  Non-symbiotic gut bio and External Energetic Forces have these food cravings and then project them on you!

You actually can’t change cravings and eating through willpower alone.  But in this audio, you will kick out these craving forces so you can have more choice, freedom, and even satisfaction with your food and eating. 

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Brand New 2022 v5 version.  Packed with 4.5 hours of non-stop energetic releasings and removings to release and remove food cravings, urges to give you more control, choice, and freedom with your food and eating.

Creating change around how much and what types of foods you were eating has been hard if not impossible before now.  That’s because, and I only recently discovered, what seems like your or your body’s food cravings and desires, are not your nor your body’s cravings at all.

Instead, those cravings and desires you feel are from your non-symbiotic gut biome and even External Energetic Forces.  Their cravings are then projected on you and projected on your body, making it seem like they are your cravings instead!   

Because these are not your thoughts, feelings, or urges, you can not and could not change or even resist them with willpower alone!   That’s right you can’t change them with willpower alone.  That would be like trying to change a TV actor’s monolog on your screen just by yelling at them.  

But in this audio, we will turn off their food chatter and kick them out!

In addition to removing the negative core of non-symbiotic gut biome and external energetic forces, there are a myriad of emotional, energetic, and even physical reasons for non-contributive food eating choices.  And I’ve packed energetic release and energetic change around all of those too.   There is so much information here, what normally would require a multi-week course.  All this is packed into this 4.5 hour clearing audio.

This is a very strong and powerful energetic release and energetic change audio.  As we change these energies a rare number of people might feel some uncomfortable body sensations.  This is ok and just means that deep energies, emotions and upsets that were stored in your body are released.  If you aren’t going to be stopped or slowed, keep listening to the audio as they will be released and body sensations subside.  If you need to take a break, that’s ok to.  Just press pause and return when you are ready.  I recommend rewinding a bit so you receive the full clearing including around it.

You will receive 2 audios with your purchase the 4.5 Full version plus a 24-minute rapid release and change version which has the full version playing at 8 times normal speed in the background.  Use this rapid version when you have strong cravings, are about to eat, or even while eating to help adjust the amounts you eat.

*Note-This rapid version should never be listened to when driving or fine motor skills or balance is required.

This audio finally gets at, releases and removes the thoughts, voices, and hijacked body signals that are compelling you to eat more and to eat foods that aren’t a contribution to you and your body. 

Also embedded throughout this audio is removing the wrongness and not good enough feelings that you might have for not being able to change eating, food, and your weight before.

This audio is included in the Course Removing the Energetic Forces Influencing Your Body and Messing With Your Weight

To create a more loving, supporting, and nurturing connection with your body and receive this audio, you can join this course.

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For full instructions and how to get the most out of energetic releasing audios click here.


I 100% believe in and stand behind this and all the energetic audios and energetic tools available here.  Because I am not a medical professional, I make no medical or dietary claims for this audio.  Your mind is very powerful and your thoughts, emotions, and energies also influence your results.  Digital downloads are not returnable.  I want you to be happy with your purchase, so if you have any questions before or after your purchase, please contact me.


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