What are Energetic Releasing Audios? Learn more about them and what they do in this short video.

In the video below, Max explains what energetic releasing audios are. How he first developed them to directly help his clients – and how he now also uses them himself. Learn his two top recommended audios and how they might help you too.

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Playing these audios can be a powerful way to release and change energies and emotions.

I talk about what Energetic Releasing (sometimes called Energetic Clearing) audios are and how you can use them in this short video.


Transcript of the video:

Hi, I’m Max Riggs, empowerment and energetic awareness coach and I’m going to share with you a bit more about the energetic releasing audios I use and are available for purchase here in my shop.

Your mind, being, and body naturally want to release and let go of any and all hurts, pains, judgments, limitations, and blocks. 

You don’t want to carry any of these anymore.   But how can you release them?

Well, these energetic releasing audios help you understand (consciously and sub-consciously) if it now is the right time to let them go, and if so they remind you that your choice and you have the permission to let them go.

If you’ve seen any of my videos or participated in my live webinars, you know and have felt the change we can create together. And that’s what gets accessed in these audios.

But if you haven’t heard or experienced my work, you might be asking what are these and what and how do they do what they do?

Now let me take you back more than just a few years ago, to what lead me to create my first energic change audio.

Back then I had a regular, normal day job working in an office and I was only doing empowerment and energy healing work at night and on the weekends.   One Wednesday, I still remember that day, I was doing my normal office work when a client called me in crisis. I only had a few minutes, before my next meeting, I didn’t have time to take the call, but she knew she was suffering, and I felt I had to help.

Now fortunately, we were able to change her emotions and energies to advert her crisis, but it highlighted that I needed a way to support people when I couldn’t be there in person for them.

And right after, I created my first energetic release and changing audio. The first version of what is now called This Changes Now! That audio has been updated every year since then with more powerful energetic releasing, clearing.  So, now it is the most powerful energetic releasing and changing audio available anywhere.  While I originally created these just to support my clients, I now use these audios myself because they create huge change for me too. 

These do their work on two main levels. The first is for your conscious, your logical mind.  And my verbal questions let know you, or remind you, that you have a choice.  That you can release what you’ve been holding onto or that feel stuck inside you. So I ask lots of questions, and then the energies and emotions that come up from these questions, we get to the second deeper level as we energetically release them.

These energetic releasing, clearings and receiving are what I use in my private sessions and the energies are fully in these audios too. And at the same time, there is nothing subliminal, you get to hear exactly what I’m suggesting you release or change.  And if releasing or changing doesn’t feel 100% right or 100% good to you, for that particular question, you have full choice to not change a thing.  All this without any judgment. It is fully your choice.

My top recommended audio and the one I believe everyone should have on their smartphone.

This Changes Now! Strong Version

It is the most powerful releasing audio anywhere and works for all situations.   It’s like having energetic and emotional support in your pocket or purse anytime you need it!

If you get two, also add

The Power Up and Energetic Refresh

It’s for when you already are feeling fine and you want to feel even better. I use this to start off my day in place of meditation and just like the title says, it gives you an energetic refresh and boost to your strength when you need it.

And the other audios are designed for more specific situations or challenges.

Such as health, sleeping, travel or more.

Tap into which ones would be a contribution to you.

You can listen to a 2-minute audio sample of each one.  Or if you still have questions or aren’t sure which audio is right for you, send me a message and I’m happy to help.

I want these audios, and the information I share here and on social media to be resources for energetically aware people, just like you.

Looking forward to seeing more of the powerful you again soon.

Bye for now.


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