Harmonize Medicines for Your Body


This audio works to help you remove any beliefs, emotions, or energies you have around the non-contributive parts of any medicine.  So you can harmonize your medicines, vaccines, or injections so they work better for you and better for your body.

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What if you could Harmonize Medicines?  So the medicine you are taking or will be taking could be energetically adjusted to make it work even better for your body?   Making your medicines feel as good as healthy, yummy, and nurturing food.

This audio works on mental, emotional, and energetic levels. Which helps you remove any beliefs you might have about the non-contributive parts of medicines.  Beliefs like the medicines might not work well for you, or you will have negative side effects.  We all have some degree of these thoughts, so removing them makes it much easier for your body.  Then we will energetically adjust them so that the medicine is harmonized for your body.

Also included an energetic section to reduce the fear and pain of injections.  Because injections don’t have to be painful.  Or at least not hurt as much as you expect them to.

Powerful energetic releasing, clearing and energetic change are embedded in this 34 minutes dynamic audio.

Did you know that energetically aware people are often or more sensitive to medicines?  Including side effects.  But there is an upside.  We can tap into those capacities to adjust medicines to increase their effectiveness and decrease the side effects.

Also included is an additional 5-minute compressed version. Which contains the full version playing at 4 times normal speed in the background, while normal speed clearings are audible. Note: Listen to the Full version several times before listening to the compressed version.  This compressed version moves energies very quickly, so do not play while you are driving or require fine motor skills.

Just added a 9 hour version for medicines that can have side effects over a longer time period.  For example covid vaccinations.

For full instructions and how to get the most out of energetic releasing audios click here.

Important Disclaimer: Your mind is powerful and your thoughts impact how you and your body feels. That is just one part of what this audio taps into,  but I do not make any medical or health claims about this audio. It is for your enjoyment and happiness only. 

Listen to and follow your health provider’s advice on when, how, and what precautions to use when taking any medicines.   If your medicine isn’t giving you the results you desire talk to your doctor.

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