Creating Clear Thinking, Clarity, and Focus Mp3 – Package

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Foggy thinking?  Brain Fog? Can’t focus?  This happens to all of us.  This audio and video help you clear out distractions and muddied thinking so you can think clearly again and focus on any project you need to.  This $88 Intro Price won’t be available for long.



What if you could change foggy thinking, lack of clarity, and distraction quickly? 

In this new Mp3 Energetic Releasing and Shifting audio you can.  

This audio addresses and shifts on all levels including mental, emotional, and energetic areas.  It has and is embedded with the same energetic work, clearings, and releasing I use in my private sessions to quickly remove brain fog and lack of clarity.  First, we remove the external energies and frequencies that are creating the vast majority of your foggy thinking, distraction, and lack of clarity. 

Then we go deep so you can shift the areas that are pulling you out of focus and clarity.  Because like every issue or challenge there are parts outside of you and parts inside of you that need to change before you can have full freedom.

Powerful energetic releasing, clearing, and energetic change are embedded in this 41-minute dynamic audio.

Plus 8-minute rapid version when you clarity and focus fast!  This version also has the full version playing 4x normal speed in the background.

Also included is the corresponding class hour video which clears in additional areas and further explains the clearings.

Coming Soon – Bonus rapid speed 10-15 minute Mp3 for when you need to quickly access your clarity and focus.

For full instructions and how to get the most out of energetic releasing audios click here.

This Intro sale price of $88 (of the $127 price) won’t be available for long, so get your copy today.


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