Covid Energetic Release and Healing Session – MP3

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This audio works to help you remove any beliefs, emotions, or energies you have around having covid.  And may also help decrease the feelings of covid symptoms.  So you feel better now and remove any blocks in your way of healing quickly.



Having or experiencing covid can be very tough emotionally as well as a physically challenging experience.

In this energetically releasing, energetically changing, plus healing session recording, you will release, clear, and remove energetically covid impact.

Allowing you to support your body, so your body can move through this health challenge more quickly.

This audio is recorded from a 2022 session helping my client with her covid health challenge.  This session was designed and intended to help more people experiencing covid, so you are included in all the clearing, releasing, and removing.  

The companion audio Be Incredibly Healthy Now is also highly recommended, during this time and a great tool to help move through any health challenge.

For full instructions and how to get the most out of energetic releasing audios click here.

Important Disclaimer: Your mind is powerful and your thoughts impact how you and your body feels and heals. This is just one part of what this audio taps into,  but I do not make any medical or health claims about this audio. It is for your enjoyment and happiness only. 

Listen to and follow your health provider’s advice on how to treat your health condition.   If your condition isn’t improving do follow up with your health provider.


1 review for Covid Energetic Release and Healing Session – MP3

  1. SP

    Thank you! I really appreciate it! I noticed a huge difference & I’ve played it a few more times today! Thank you again! Hugs!

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