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In these Power Packed Sessions, we continually go deeper, removing the blocks, emotions, limiting beliefs, and energetic forces that have been keeping you from being in your FULL power.  Between session you have access to me via email and messenger for any questions or needed support.

Your Package includes weekly 60 minute sessions over 4-12 weeks, for rapid, deep, and lasting change.


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Do you want the benefits of weekly empowerment and energetic change sessions, but are not quite ready for the VIP Nothing Will Stop You Program?  Your Dynamic Change Package still gives you my high level of support and facilitation to supercharge your growth.

In these power-packed sessions, you will meet with me weekly for 4- 12 weeks.  (You can even choose to have multiple sessions per week for even more rapid change.) In each session, you will create deeper, release, and change.  Removing blocks, stuck emotions, limiting beliefs, and even energetic forces that have been keeping you from your FULL power.  Between sessions, you have email access for any questions or even for a quick energetic release or other support.

Your sessions can be based around a specific topic, or in an open format clearing and releasing on what can create the most change quickly. To start your dynamic change click the number of energetic change sessions you would like and you can schedule your first session as soon as possible.  Or contact me to further customize a support package for exactly what you require..

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Number of Sessions

4-Sessions $845, 6-Sessions $1225, 8-Sessions $1640, 10-Sessions $2000, 12-Sessions $2400


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