60 min Session with Max


One-on-one 60 minute Session with Max via phone or web video conferencing.

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Even the most challenging situations or emotions can be quickly shifted with energies and emotions lightened in your session.

Whether it is a new challenge, or one you have been dealing with for a long time, you will be surprised at how quickly even one session can change and shift it.

In your session, you will experience energetic shifts in the three core areas logical, emotional, and energetic along with deep healing.

Sometimes you will know exactly why you are feeling this way and what needs to be changed. Other times it might not be so clear.  Either way, we will get to the underlying cause, release, shift, and change it.

Your session often will start off with the energetic and clearing question, “What is everything up and active, pushing you off center and away from your authentic self?”

Do you feel the energy around that?

Once we release and clear those energies we keep going.  Moving as fast or as slow as you would like and are comfortable with.

After your session, you will feel, lighter, happier, and ready to move forward.

Depending on my schedule, sessions usually can be booked within a few days, though if you have an urgent issue and need a session right away or on the weekend. Click to schedule an urgent support session.

Optional recording of the session is available as many clients find additional value and release by listening to their sessions a second time.  Schedule Your Session

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