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[Can’t Wait] 60 min Urgent Support Session


[Urgent] One-on-one 60 minute Session with Max when it can’t wait and you need support now. Includes both This Changes Now! Advanced and Strong) energetic support audios.

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When you are having a challenging time and need support as soon as possible.

Your purchase sends me a text and I’ll provide you a time as soon as possible.  Including early evening and weekend times when available. Note: I’m in USA Pacific Time and generally unavailable 10pm-7am.  Check my time in Seattle here.

I do my best to meet with you as quickly as possible, but if I can’t provide you a session slot within 36 hours your purchase, I’ll double your session, so you’ll receive 2 60-minute support sessions.

So you can have energetic support right away, your purchase includes both This Changes Now! Energetic Support Audios (Advanced and Strong).

One-on-one 60-minute dynamic change session with Max via phone or video for your location anywhere in the world.

Is there a topic or energy that needs to be changed now? Right away?

Or a longer term challenge you want to move beyond?

Maybe you don’t even know what is up, just that something needs to change.

Sessions are customized for exactly what you need right now, no matter what you feel, or what you are thinking.

At the core my practice, is removing the non-contributive energies, thoughts and feelings that mess with all of us.  I believe that all emotions are valuable and at the same time, many of our emotions been messed with, amplifying these normal helpful emotions and can push us into overwhelm.

In our session, I’ll also help you to see your natural strength, power and capacities.  Because you, the true you is strong and capable of moving through any challenge.  (Even if sometimes it doesn’t feel that way)

There is nothing you need to do to prepare, we will find what needs to be changed and change it together.

And we can change almost anything.  If you have any questions, just ask.

Sessions usually can be booked within a day or two, though if you need to get in right away you can check out  my urgent support package.

Optional private recording of the sessio is available, as many clients find added value, listening to the sessions a second or even multiple times.

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