Energetic Refresh – The Complete System

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Step-by-step PDFs and MP3s with 3 companion videos with clearing explanations.  This system clears out energetic junk and increases your clarity, strength, and confidence.  Sets the stage for stepping into and staying in your natural strength and confidence. Use the PDF or MP3 versions for your daily practice to clear out the gunk and junk and start your day with your full strength, confidence, and magic. Use the longer PDF version to find and unlock any specific energetic challenges.

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As an Energetically Aware person (sometimes called highly sensitive), You can be influenced or even impacted by all the energies and emotions all around you.

These energies and external resistance are always around you. Slowing you, resisting you, or even seeming to stop you.

Until you step out of it, it can be hard to even see. Like a haze that you can’t see when you are in it, but at a distance, it is instantly apparent.

Now you’ve stepped out of this resistance before. The times when you felt strong and capable. During or after an Empowerment or Self-Growth class or maybe after achieving a great accomplishment.

What would it feel like if you had that strength and confidence every day?

You can and through This Energetic Refresh System. Clear out the energetic and emotional junk and set the stage to step into and then staying in your natural strength and confidence.

3-Videos going over the energetic releasing and energetic processes.

Over 8 different PDF versions for your very own (quick only 5-8 minutes) personal daily practice to clear out the gunk and junk and start your day with your full strength. Versions for each day of the week to get at and release or remove all the energies that negatively influence energetically aware people. And the full-length version for a monthly or even weekly deep energetic scan and clean.

You can listen to a 2-minute sample of one of the audios here:

If you have any questions on this system and/or adding a daily energetic cleansing practice, please email me.

Note: this course is included as a bonus when you join the 

Your Energetic Powers Membership Group

1 review for Energetic Refresh – The Complete System

  1. Nadine

    Wowwwwww!!!! Listening to the power up & refresh as I was getting ready for bed. Absolutely love it!!

    Body feels so excited and happy doing the clearings!! Thank you!! I’ll definitely enjoy doing this daily.

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