It can be really tough at times. It can bring up old upsets, and it often is not even close to fun.

So why even do inner work?

Looking at these areas and healing them, creates your strong base, creates a stronger you. So you can then step into more of the amazing person you just naturally are. Because without your strong base it is like trying to climb a hill of sand. You take a step forward, but keep slipping back down.

Sometimes there are places that you don’t even want to look at, but the benefits of going there can be huge.

And one of those areas, one that I’m going to be looking at in my next course, is seeing and removing our hidden fears around death and dying. Everything that brought up, release, let go, vaporize, liquefy.

What I just figured out and share in this video, is that there is a built-in belief and fear, that just mentioning it brings dying closer. Yikes

But surprisingly, talking about it actually pushes it further away. And releasing your hidden fears allows you to be healthier, happier, and enjoy life more!

See for yourself in this week’s video.


To find out more about the new course click, Releasing Hidden Fear Around Death and Dying and Enjoy Your Life More