The Surprising Result after - Releasing Hidden Fears Around Death and Dying

Enjoying Your Life More!

My Experience Helping a Friend Transition

And the Surprising Discovery

Without any warning I found out that my friend was in the hospital and not expected to survive the night.  After I suppressed my shock, I  energetically tapped in to see what I could do.  First, I asked was this true?  And if so, was there anything I could do to help her heal or even recover from her health condition?  I received an energetic no.  No, she wasn't going to recover and it was her time to go.  So there wasn't anything I could do..  So I had to change my intention from helping her heal, to how could I help make her transition easier.

Just thinking the thought of easing her transition, brought up conflicting emotions and even self-critical thoughts about myself.  Even if she was at the end, was it morally ok for me to make her transition easier?  I had many internal conflicts around it, but ultimately decided that her comfort and ease were more important than any discomfort I had around it.

So I asked what could I do?  I didn't want to do anything "inappropriate" so I focused in on what I could do, not to speed her transition, but so she could have more freedom to either stay here longer or to go.  What followed was an hour of us energetically accessing beliefs and thoughts that were holding her here, and releasing ones that weren't serving her.  Beliefs and thoughts that were preventing her from being able to freely stay or freely leave.

The beliefs she had were ones I also had, the ones we all have.  Such as wanting to make sure her loved ones would be ok, completing her unfinished life goals, and also the deep embedded beliefs that death should to be avoided (no matter what the costs or suffering).  These are all valid beliefs, but shouldn't it ok to let them go at the very end of life?  

After removing all the beliefs "holding" her here, she could now make her choice.  To stay here longer or to go.  I said my goodbyes and left. The next day I found that she had transitioned overnight.  I was sad, I would not be able to talk to her or see her again.  But then I noticed something surprising.  I had a sense of peace and calmness I don't think I ever have had before.

That sense of peace and calmness has continued since then. What I discovered was that we all have a hidden level of stress, created by implanted fears around death.  This stress is unseen and unacknowledged because it has been with us since we were really young. We have no idea it is even there. But when it is removed, we notice that it is gone!

Removing these fears, creates peace and calm in our lives that you naturally are supposed to have.  And contrary to what you've been told, removing these fears doesn't make you rush toward death, want to die, or even to take more physical risks, instead it actually allows you to enjoy your life more and want to stay alive even longer.

So I've created the Releasing Hidden Death Fears - And Enjoy Life More - Course

So you can release hidden fears and step into your natural peace and calm.

This course is for you if...

You are an energetically aware or sensitive person

When you were young - even well meaning adults trying to protect you- implanted fears around dying.  These fears have been with you since then.  
While these fears are "logical" they aren't needed and create a background stress that prevents you from ever being fully relaxed.
Contrary to what you've been told, releasing these fears won't bring dying any closer.  Instead it is just the opposite.  You will enjoy life more and want to be here even longer!

There are people in your life that have health challenges

You want to support them, but often don't know what to say.  After taking this class, even without even saying anything, just your presence will be a huge help to them.
People having health challenges, even if not life threatening, often have fears around dying.  You peace and calmness will create an energetic field that will calm and ease them.

You have a medical condition and you have been confronting your possible transition

Dealing with this can be quite challenging and there often isn't anyone who you can talk about your concerns apart from religious dogma.  This fresh perspective will help remove the fears and uncertainly you might have
Removing the limiting or scary beliefs (and we all have them) around our mortality will give you a peace that can even even lead to improved health.

3-Part Course for $197

Releasing Hidden Fears around Dying - Course

Step into a peace and calmness that wasn't possible before

Add a 60-minute private session with Max for only $100 (regularly $225) class plus session for only $297

Release Hidden Fears Around Dying and Enjoy your life more


The surprise benefit of releasing these fears, is peace and tranquility.

3 live webinars
Replays of all classes, plus summaries and transcripts
Remove the limiting and controlling beliefs that have been embedded in you
The energetic releasing field created in class releases upsets, limiting beliefs and more
Releasing limitations and negative emotions allows you to see and then access more of your natural strengths and capacities


20 Minute Private Session with Max if you purchase by June 23rd 

Create huge shifts in any area in your time with Max

What area in your life would you like to create change in?
Not sure what to ask?   You don't need a specific question or topic.  What would create the most positive change for you just naturally will come up.  Then we change it!

Your Questions Answered

I don't even think about death why would I want to take this course?

I get it.  If you asked me a month ago, I would have thought I wasn't worried about dying.  That death was so far away that I didn't want to think about it either.  Nor did I think I had any limiting or controlling beliefs about it.

But when I had to look at my friend's beliefs, mine came up too.  I had most, if not all, of the same limiting and confining beliefs as she had.

Looking at these and changing them now (when we still have years or decades of life left) removes hidden stresses so you can enjoy your life more.

I'm new to energetic work, what do I need to know before joining this course?

You don't need to know anything more than you are ready to learn and you are open to looking at new information.

I will share two intro videos before the course where you will understand the core principles I use. 

I've also found that explaining topics starting from a simple level and often with analogies also beginners to easily understand and gives more experienced energetically aware people deeper awareness and understanding.

I can't attend the live time, is it still valuable for me to take this course?

Yes, totally.  

While attending live allows you to ask me questions, the energetic release and change work is embedded in the video and audio recordings.

You will receive the full value of the course from just watching the videos or listening to the recordings.

I also recommend that even live class participants watch or listen the recordings at least one more time.  That second time allows your mind to consciously understand more of the what can be some surprising revelations.  Plus the energetic work can get to a deeper level creating even more positive change for you.

You can also email me any question you have after watching the replays.

Do you do private sessions?

Yes, you can find more information about sessions on this website, or just message me.

I've found that most energetically aware people have similar experiences.  But this reality is designed to make it seem like you are the only person feeling the way you do. 

While your experiences are unique, often the feelings from those experiences are similar to other people I've worked with.

Each webinar is designed to be complete so you don't need anything else.

Though if you need or just would like more personal support, email me.

When and how long are the Webinars?

Live webinars will be about an hour (they often run a tad longer - plan for 1:15 and 1:30 at the longest)

They are scheduled for Thursday's at noon Pacific Time.

Find your local day and time here.

More Questions?

If you have any additional questions, not answered on this page, please send me an email.

You can email me here.

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These feelings are actually you accessing your super powers, but without training, any superpower can feel like a disempowering limitation.  

Learn more about your hidden authentic strengths and how to use them in our time together.

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