The Energetic World (and you being in it) can feel really complicated. Like there is an overwhelming amount to know before you can even be ok.

While there is a lot to know – the basics are really simple. And the basics are all you really need to know at first.

1-Release not feeling good enough – The default of society it to embed the belief in you that everyone else has it all figured out and you are the only one that doesn’t. That’s a lie to keep you small. You have the ability and capacities to thrive and you always move through your challenges.

2-Start before you feel ready. There is never a time that you logically and energetically feel 100% ready. Do it anyway. Release/clear any energetic or emotional blocks that are in the way and then take a step. Taking any step even the smallest one possible moves you far on your journey.

3-Daily Energetic Releasing/Clearing Practice. Energetic and emotional energies just naturally build up in energetically aware people (even experts). This is normal and just needs to be removed (at least weekly, but daily is the best). It’s just like needing to take a physical shower. Even the most “clean” people start to smell after a couple of days. So when emotions and energies build up (or even before they do) just energetically wash them off.

To help you understand how the energetic realms and energetic interact in this world and how you can step into more of your natural and authentic power, I’ve developed an Energetic Awareness and Empowerment Membership Program.

The first class in this Program was yesterday and it was really powerful.

So much so that I’m sharing it with you 🙂

There is a quick 1-minute intro and then we go right into the class, just like you were there live.

In the video, we clear the “logical” reason why you wouldn’t want to have access to your full power.  Until we remove this logic, it’s actually impossible to step into more of your authentic, natural, and contributive power.

Plus a whole lot more energetic release and change.

You can watch it here: Class 1 – Your Energetic Superpowers