Have you ever felt that you’re not moving fast enough on your empowerment journey?

Last week I was thinking something similar. I’ve had rapid growth on much of my journey, but while I was still making forward process, lately it just didn’t seem fast enough.  

I starting asking for more.  What’s the next step?  What is the next level in my awareness and empowerment journey? Then yesterday it happened.  In fact, it came in with a big BAM!  

Afterward, I started thinking,  “Why now?  Why after what seemed like a long time with only small change, did big change come in now?  And what could I do to have even more of this rapid change in the future?”

I discovered that I had been using these 6 steps, but hadn’t put them all together until just now.
Step Into More Awareness and Strength
1 – Start today – take the first step to create the change you desire.

  • No matter where you are and where you want to go, it is never too late to start. 

2 – Keep going on your path.

  • Even if it doesn’t seem like you are making much progress – keep going. You are creating changes that prepare you for your next big jump.    

3 – Never agree with the thought “This will never change” or “This can’t change for x months or years”

  •  If you do that, it can lock in the “it can’t change.”

4 – Ask for more. 

  •  Ask for what is required for you to step into your next level of strength and awareness

5 – Choose that you will have it.

  • You asked for more so now reach out and take it, claim it as yours.

6 – When you feel more of your strength and awareness – use it.

  • This allows even more to come in, and you also get to test out your fun new abilities.

Try out these steps and let me know what new strengths and powers you can now access.

Looking forward to seeing more of the strong and potent you again soon.

Bye for now