It can feel hopeless —- like you are completely stuck in it.

I was recently in a situation where it felt like I didn’t have any control.

  • I kept trying to make the situation better.
  • I kept giving in to all this person’s demands….and they would then ask for even more.

Is that something you have done?  Wanting to be helpful and kept doing what the other person wanted? 
Then one day maybe even exploded when they asked for one more thing?

I talked about this and Boundaries in the FB live for our group this week.
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Don’t like FB?  You can also watch it on YouTube.
After you watch the video, to start changing feeling powerless, here are my additional tips.

Find something that around this that you can control.

  • Is there a part of this situation where you do have power?  (Even just a small part) 
  • Could you focus on what you will do next time? 
  • Or what to do if another person requests similar things from you?

Focus on something completely different! 

  • Have you been wanting to start a new habit? Exercising daily walking, or learning a new skill?
  • Use this to help motivate you to: finish that uncompleted project, change a habit, or maybe schedule time with friends.

Because focusing on what can’t change gives it more power and makes it appear larger in your life than it really is. That can make you feel small, powerless, and weak.

When you instead focus on what you can do.

That gives you strength, gives you a sense of accomplishment, and proves to you that you do have power!
And when you step into more of your strength, it’s then easier to deal with what you can’t seem to change. 

What if it is really only that it can’t change  just  yet? You can use one or more of the tools I’ve previously shared (or in the video) to start to change even that.

Looking forward to seeing more of the strong and powerful you again soon.

Bye for now.