It’s often automatic to focus on what you didn’t accomplish over the year.
And I was doing just that last week too.

But what if you already accomplished more than you think you did?

Recently I was focusing on what I didn’t accomplish.  But when I started to put down all the “small” things I did accomplish, those turned out to be quite a lot.

“But you didn’t accomplish that big goal you really wanted!” That critical voice in my head shouted.

What if that voice and any other critical thoughts in your head aren’t even your voices or your thoughts? 

What if instead, those were the voices of your parents, teachers, supervisors or other people – what they told you or even told you years ago?

Those voices aren’t helpful and can really decrease your feelings of self-worth and zap your motivation.

To change that, you can just tell those voices “Get out now! Get out now! Get out now!”
Or you can use the other tools I share in my free videos or my clearing audios.

Write down at least one thing you accomplished this year that you are proud of?
It doesn’t have to be big, just something that makes you feel good inside.
I promise I won’t judge it.  In fact, I’ll congratulate you personally for doing it!
Because even something that might seem small could be a huge accomplishment, especially if you have had a challenging year.

Write down one thing you would like to accomplish by the end of the year?
I’m going to encourage you to choose one that you “think” you really could accomplish. 
Not something that would require you invest all your time, all your willpower, in order to accomplish it.
Unless you are really willing to go all out to achieve it!  

I think you will find that you’ve accomplished more than you might have first thought and that you can accomplish at least one more powerful thing before the end of the year.

Chat with you again soon.