The year was 2014 and I was still working at my corporate day job.  Back then my empowerment practice was limited to client sessions only at night or on the weekend.  But a client called me in the middle of the workday, in a Full-On Crisis, just minutes before my next meeting.

She needed a full-on session, but I only had only minutes.  What could I do?

I took a deep breath, and thought, we can change this, we can make a huge shift even if we only have a short time.  We worked fast and shifted it.  She could now make it through the rest of her day.  Whew!

But this really impacted me.  What if a client needed support and I couldn’t be there?  Or it was the middle of the night and they needed help then?  What could I do?

Right then and there,I decided to create a way to support my clients, no matter the time or the place.  So, over the next few months, I created my very first Energetic Clearing Audio.  It was the original version of the “This Changes Now!”  Energetic Clearing Audio.  Since then it’s been updated over 6 times and creates even more change than that first version.

So, what are energetic clearing audios?  These audios are filled and embedded with my most powerful energetic clearings and releasings.  Energy to change any challenge you are going through right now!  Some of these you’ve might have heard me use in my sessions, classes, or videos, plus new ones too.  The energy of the clearings is fully embedded in the audios, just like in my in-person sessions, and starts clearing and removing excess energies, emotions, discomforts and more from the moment you press play.  They even work when played on low in the background for ongoing support.

Since my first one, I’ve created 12 different powerful clearing audios to address the different challenges you might face, which are available for purchase on my website.

I just finished recording my latest one yesterday. It is designed to help remove, release and change pain.  Because so many people I know, including friends and clients, have been impacted by pain and it’s time to change that.

The “Removing Pain” Energetic Clearing Audio Set contains Two Audios.  The full version which is 2-hours of clearings (pain has so many aspects that need to be addressed in order to be removed) and a 22-minute compressed version with normal volume and speed clearings for the main track, but it also has the full version running at 4 times normal speed in the background.

As a bonus for being part of this empowerment community, you can get The Removing Pain Energetic – Clearing Audio for 25% off the regular $47.50 price, yours now for $35.63 just use the code    RemovingPain25  now through the end of October. For more information and/or to get your own copy, click here. Removing Pain – Energetic Clearing Audio

If you have any questions on this or any other of my energetic clearing audios, you can email me here and I’m happy to answer them.