Wow, that was a powerful webinar! 
Did you feel things change and shift during the class and after?

We went deep and I shared more than just the 3-Things All Energetic Healers Need to Know.

If you felt lighter or maybe even a bit spacy after the call – that’s pretty normal.  We did some deep healing and clearings around being a healer.  Energetic healings that I normally only do in my paid classes and private sessions.  Because I know how hard it can be being a healer and it is time to change all that!

If you didn’t get to attend the full webinar (I know some of you had other obligations), here is the replay.

You might also be asking,
What is the next step to access even more of your healing power with ease, freedom, and even joy?

If you are ready to have that freedom and joy, I would like to invite you to join the Your Energetic Healing Powers – The Full Course.

We will go even deeper into what you as a healer need to know.  Information that most modalities don’t even know, but so important to using your healing powers easily without any downsides.  

And once you know this information and receive the clearings, you will have an ease and freedom with your healing and even more easily just being you, that you might never have had before.

Includes the Bonus “Emergency Kit for Healers”
2-Extremely Powerful Energetic Clearing audios for when you need energetic or emotional support and even one To Speed Your Body’s Natural Healing.  Each over 60 minutes long!

Find out more here Your Energetic Healing Powers – The Course

There is also a fast-action bonus (expires Sunday) you won’t want to miss.

Did you have any questions after watching the video?  Or if the upcoming course is right for you?  Reply to this email, and I’ll get right back to you. 

Thanks again for being the person you are, and I look forward to seeing you in the Course or in the Facebook Group soon.