It started when I sprained my thumb digging out a shrub. It was just a slight injury so I thought it would just get better on its own. This week I realized it had been over a month and it was going to require me making a few changes for it to heal.   It started me thinking, what other things in my life had I gotten used to so I wasn’t even thinking about changing them?  And what discomforts could change now?

Discomforts can slowly sneak into our lives, maybe just starting off as slight annoyances. Since they started off slowly or small, we often don’t realize how much they can be impacting our lives now.  They might really be affecting our moods and even sucking our energy.


  • What are some discomforts (physical, mental, emotional) that you have gotten used to?
  • What if by making a change, even just a small one, you could start to remove them?
  • What are one or two easy changes could you do today to start create that change?


Anything preventing you from starting to create those changes, do you choose to release and let those go?  Yes, I choose that.  Vaporize, Liquefy.


If you would like more support in creating your changes, message me.