Is the Fall Stressful?


We often don’t think of the Fall as a stressful time, but it often is.  During the summer we tend to relax more, spend more time outside, and often put off things we would like to change in our lives until after the summer.  Now that Fall is here, we start to look at working on (or thinking about working on) those body/health goals and all the life goals we put off over the summer.  Here is a short video I recorded around this.

Many of these changes can seem huge and we think we have a long way to go.  Where do we even start?  What if starting doesn’t require a huge commitment or struggle?  What if you could create the changes you would like by just doing one thing each day to start creating those changes?  That one thing could even be pretty small, maybe only taking only a couple minutes, but that one thing breaks the inertia and starts creating the changes you would like.

What one easy thing could you do today to start to create the life you would like?

Let me know what you would like to create and the one small step you are taking to create that.