Are You Faster Than You Think You Are?

Sawadee Kap  (Hello from Thailand)

I’m in Thailand participating in a class that is changing so much. And it’s a trip that almost didn’t happen. But I’ll get to that later. What came up yesterday in class changed some things for me and probably will for you too.

Where have you slowed yourself down, so you wouldn’t make other people feel bad or less?

All the manipulation and disinformation around you being too slow or too fast do you choose to destroy and uncrate all of that? Yes, I choose that. Vaporize Liquefy.

When you normally move fast and then have to slow down, it actually is much harder to go slow than you would think and can be even be really confusing. For example, tying your shoelace, you just naturally do it fast, but when you have to go slow to explain it to a young child. You can get confused and it often takes a couple times for you to get it right.

All the places you slowed yourself down, then got confused by going slow do you choose to destroy and uncreate everything you decided about you because of that? Yes, I choose that. Vaporize Liquefy.

Anything preventing you from moving at the speed you can move at and the speed you would like to move at, do you choose to destroy and uncreate all of that? Yes, I choose that. Vaporize Liquefy.


What if you actually are even faster than you think you are?

If you would like to work with me to get back or up to the speed you truly be, you can find a time to work with me here.

If you have any challenges around long plane rides or sleeping ……

I’m not a big fan of long plane rides and (previously) haven’t really slept while flying. Thailand is 22+ hours of travel and the last time I traveled on a 10 hour flight – I was jet lagged for days and it was hard for me to enjoy my trip. I had a lot of challenges around purchasing my ticket and waited until the tickets started to go up before thinking about clicking buy.

I wasn’t going to have this trip be like my last one, so to make my travel easier I created two clearing audios that you might be interested in. One is Travel Clearings, it clears the energies that come up before and during travel and multiple other issues that come up during our travels. I used it during my 18+ hours of flights and 6 hours of layovers to get here. It made a huge difference and haven’t had any jet lag.

The second one, is to clear things preventing nurturing and regenerating sleep. This one sets up our sleeping space as a sovereign nurturing space, prevents night manipulation, and helps with falling and staying asleep. Using these audios and focusing on what I would like (restful sleep and being on this time zone) instead of (how many hours my schedule is off and what if I have jet lag), have created ease with travel that I’ve never had before.

You can purchase the Travel and Sleep Clearing audios here and/or If you have any questions around these audios, let me know.