Has this happened to you?  That all of a sudden emotions come up for seemingly no reason?  It recently felt like that to me.  But what if there was a reason? 

For any emotions or feeling, most likely you are energetically sensing something.  Even if you aren’t “consciously” aware of it.

For example, many, even most sensitive people are influenced by unremembered dreams plus the energies and emotions of people around them and even emotions from the entire energetic field at night.

I’ve been told and you probably have heard this too: 

“You are energetically clearest in the morning.”  [It’s not true!]

That is a lie often told in the new age spiritual community. I’ve found the exact opposite, that many people are energetically messed with at night, which makes their mornings start off feeling foggy and disempowered.

I address these emotions and feelings in this week’s video. You can watch it here.

It is so helpful for energetically aware people to be part of a group that understands, supports, and encourages them.  Because our coming together not only counteracts the limitations that society continually throws at us, it allows you to become even greater.

Next week I’ll be sharing with you this empowerment group and how you can join with other energetically aware people to be supported, encouraged, and speed your journey.

Chat with you soon.


P.S. this is the energetic change audio I mention in the video to help remove energies that can mess with you at night.  Sleeping Better at Night