Wow two powerful webinars in two days!  If you missed them or want to see them again, here are the recordings and videos from both of the webinars.

  • Changing Your Money Game        Video        Audio
  • Speeding Your Body’s Healing      Video        Audio

Changing Your Money Game!

If you enjoyed the first webinar you are going to love this course.

How much is your money tied into your happiness and/or what you’ve decided is wrong with you and your life?  What would it be like to change your money game?  Would you like to rewrite your future with money?

Join Shakti Magic and Max Riggs as they unlock your money blocks and increase money flows. In this 3-part Webinar we will move through these together to have a new freedom and flow with money. for the full course description and to join.


Speeding your body’s healing.

We went deep on this call and more than a couple people needed time to reintegrate after we finished.  Even just watching this free video will change a huge amount around body issues.  Just think what you can change with the full 4-part se