Quick Power Process

A few months ago, I sent out my morning power process to the empowerment email group.  It is the tool I use every morning to start my day off in a powerful way. I had great feedback on how much it helped people.  And more than a few questions.

#1 Why do I use it everyday?  Well, almost everyone wakes up in the morning in a “not so powerful” place.  It can take hours or even longer for us to start to feel powerful again.  Using this process in the morning gets us to a powerful place right away.  This gives us access to more of our energy and power right away that we can then use throughout the day.  I’ve been using this process and updating it weekly for almost two years now and it has made a huge difference.

I updated the Power Process with all my new information so it clears larger areas and accesses even more of our natural power.  This new one can be used at any time, day or night!

Sometimes we don’t have time for the full version, so I created a quick-power process which is my gift to you here.

The Full Power Process. which is what I use,  is available for purchase in my shop.

If you have any questions on the quick or full Power Process please let me know.

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To your Health and to your Power!