I had a serious, bordering on  life threating, illness that pretty much stopped me for all of June.  There were times where I felt almost powerless and wondered:  Would I ever recover, or if I did recover, would I have my full strength ever again?

While I was in the depths of it, it was hard to even imagine how this illness could have anything remotely positive in it.  But, my philosophy is to look for something empowering in everything, So I searched for awarenesses in this seemingly disempowering illness.  Here is some of what I found.

  1. When we are super ill or if we have a long-term condition, it’s really hard to feel powerful.  This seems obvious, but we can easily forget that these disempowered feelings are normal. If you feel this way, know these are normal feelings, be kind to yourself and know that you can move through this.
  2. What might this condition telling you? Is there is some hidden awareness, that can be found? If so, what might that be? For me, there were a couple places where I thought I had done all the introspective work required, but there was another level for me to look at. The illness told me look at it now, not later.
  3. What can I do to speed the recovery?  While it still took me time to recover, I sped my recover by days, maybe even by a week, by using energetic tools that were previously available only to my VIP clients. I’ll tell you more about one of them, the Crisis Clearing Audio, in a future email but if you want it now, here is the link to this low priced but powerful audio.
  4. Empowered people or people on their life’s path can and do get ill.  What if you didn’t do anything wrong and by moving though this condition you might even find ways to move faster along your journey?