I was in Sedona Arizona last week and wanted you to be there with me, experiencing it too.

Join me in this short video playlist where you can tap in and be there energetically.  So, you too can experience the energy and receive healing energy from the area. 

Sedona is one of the few areas in the world where energy is concentrated.  In this special place, there are energy vortexes, where this energy is even more concentrated.  These areas allow us to tap deeply into nature and the planet’s energy as they also promote our physical and mental healing.

I created several short videos in this playlist (total of 9 minutes), where you can tap into the energy into 4 of these vortexes.  
Visit the Sedona Energy Vortexes with Max

If you only have 2-minutes, definitely watch this one! (It is number 2 in the playlist above or the individual link is below.)
This was the strongest energy field for me and you can feel so much energy coming through the video and changing/healing you.
Boynton Canyon on top of the feminine spire.

Let me know what you experience when watching these videos.