The holidays can bring up joy, sadness, and even regret and loss. And the end of the year is extra tough because not only do we feel the emotions we feel around holidays, it is another forced reflection time. And this year it isn’t just the end of a year, it’s the end of a decade.

Can you feel the energy around the end of a decade?  It’s quite a bit.

During this time, we are “forced” to look back at the last year or even back over our lives.  Judging ourselves for what we did or didn’t do. And it isn’t just you, everyone else is doing it too.  So not only do you feel your own judgments about your life’s accomplishments, as an energetically aware person, you also feel other people’s critical judgments about themselves.

That’s a lot of energetic and emotional pressure.

I’m doing a mini-series to help change and release this.  If you are already in the Expanding Your Energetic Awareness FB Group you might have joined me live for the first webinar in this series.  If you aren’t yet in the group, click the link above to join.  Or you can also watch the 3-part video series here on YouTube.

In the first video, I suggested looking back over the year to see what you did accomplish, how much you changed, and how much further on your empowerment journey you are.

My recommendation is to write down at least three accomplishments or something that you are proud of.

Because, I even bet you, that you accomplished more than you at first thought.

In the rest of these videos, I share how to change and shift these end of the year energies, doing energetic clearings and releasing so you can feel even better now and going into the New Year.

Let me know how you are doing and what you would like to release in the New Year.