We are in a tough time right now.

Having to isolate, not having full choice due to safety issues, government regulations, as well as repressed emotions and injustices coming to the surface, may have activated old emotions and wounds.

It’s been hard for a lot of people, it’s been hard for me too.

In many of my recent private sessions, fractures and alters have been surfacing and are ready to be re-integrated. So, this might be happening for you too.

Fractures are parts and pieces of you that have broken off, often from traumatic or challenging events or experiences. These fractures can easily be become activated during these challenging times.  And surprisingly can also be activated when you’ve done a lot of self-growth work.

Until they are re-integrated they can be messing with you.  Preventing you from taking your next forward step.  Or even making it feel like you have regressed years in your growth work.

Some Fractures Symptoms:

  • You don’t feel like yourself.
  • You have odd old memories or emotions.
  • You get triggered easily.
  • You feel helpless, hopeless, discouraged, and irritable.
  • You can’t clear or move through challenges that you previously could move through easily before.
  • You feel like you moved backward.

Clients that have been through this process have described it as similar and yet more powerful than what other modalities call a soul retrieval.

I explain in more depth about fractures and alters in the class and the very logical reasons why you might not want to be fully here in your body right now.

This process has never been available outside any of my full courses before, but since so many people are being impacted by this, I’m offering it as a standalone class and for the discounted price of only $79.

To remain your fractures and more of your authentic strength. Participate in this powerful class here:
In the Reclaiming Your Fractures and Alters Class

You can also add a 30-minute personal session with me for only $50 more $127. (This is such a great deal that it must be used withing 30days of your purchase.)
Reclaiming Your Fractures Class Plus 30-Minute Session for $127

If you have any questions on this process, the class, or if fractures might be up in your reality, send me an email.

Click here to join the class and reclaim your fractures.