As an energetically aware person, you perceive so much more than that is just on the surface.  Normal everyday challenges, even ones that seem really small, always have hidden energetic and emotional layers. While these might not be readily apparent at first, they impact you.

Do they have to impact you?  No, they don’t.  But if you don’t first acknowledge these hidden layers, you remain under their influence. That makes all challenges much more difficult.

So let’s try this out.  Just Ask: 

What is everything that is up in your reality that you don’t think is up?  

WOW! That’s a lot!  So everything that is, do you choose to release it, let it go, and or allow all that to be removed from your reality now?  Yes, I choose that.  Vaporize, Liquify, Vaporize, Liquify, Vaporize, Liquify.

Anytime you are having a challenge, just ask this question.  Not only might it explain why the challenge seems harder than it should be, it also helps you move more quickly through it.

Have a great day, and if you would like more help moving through a challenge in your life, message me to schedule your Dynamic Change session.

Bye for now.