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Many Sensitive (Energetically Aware) People unknowingly have artificially aged themselves 12-21 years. We think this aging is normal, but it isn’t!  In this course, we will reverse this artificial aging (down to zero) and step out of the “normal” aging process.  Move into your contributive timestream where your body looks and feels younger and is more vibrant. 

For more personalized support, add a private session less than 1/2 price.

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What we think is “normal” aging is in fact rapid aging and has added 10-20 years of excess aging to most people. In this course, step out of this normal or rapid aging, remove this excess aging and step into your authentic, natural, and slower aging.  This course removes all of this excess aging.

Many sensitive (energetically aware) people have unknowingly sped up their aging to match the aging of their parents or other “older” people.  In this course, learn what can speed up aging and then reverse it.  So you will no longer be locked into this reality’s aging.

You can watch the first class in this course for free here – Video Class One

Step out of “aging timelines” and into a new timestream.  In your authentic timestream, you will stay younger, healthier, and more vibrant than this reality tells you that you can.

In this course you will:

  • Release emotions, judgments, and hurts.  The energetic weights that make you tired and age rapidly.
  • Remove beliefs about aging and age that lock you into non-contributive aging.
  • Prevent or reverse “age-related” body issues.
  • Remove the non-contributive beliefs, energies, and body sensations around menopause.
  • Detach from other people’s aging timelines.  You authentically age slower than other people, but you can be connected to their aging and aging at their rapid rate.
  • Adjust your DNA to be more youthful.

During this 6 class course, you will shift your current aging into more contributive timelines.

Where you will look and feel younger and have more energy.

Bonus Energetic Age Releasing Audio – Play this audio anytime your feel “old or older”, or when you are around people who talk about their age and/or health conditions.

For deeper and more personal change add a one-on-one energetic change session with me for less than 1/2 regular price. 

If you have any questions about this course or if it is right for you, please email me.

All the information, awareness, and energetic release is embedded in these course videos, so you receive energetic release just as if you were live in the course. 

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Class $497, Class Plus full 60 min Session for $100 more $597

3 reviews for Reverse Aging Course

  1. Spring Nielson (verified owner)

    This course dynamically changed things! Huge energy shifts! I feel like I let go of so many limitations and limiting beliefs! I feel like I was able to release and let go of so much that seemed to be holding me back from being authentic and being more of me! Being my Authentic self! I was actually able to celebrate a Birthday which was huge for me! Thank you, Max!

  2. Bari (verified owner)

    This course is brilliant. I feel so much younger, this class has revived my youthful state of being. I do believe I look younger, as well. The section on Menopause is worth millions. This is a must for any woman over 50 years old, for sure! (or 40 year olds that feel like they are over 50).

  3. Tamara (verified owner)

    I am only halfway and this course has changed my perspective on things dramatically, in a positive way. Looking forward to the long-term results. This work is so much more than reversing aging, as it touches subjects such as memory, DNA, femininity. It’s not a ‘remove your wrinkles in 3 days course’, but a complete makeover of how I perceive age, what is ‘old’ and not, and what we are capable of doing at which age. I feel mentally and emotionally so much more capable and that has an automatic deep improvement on my energy and my body.

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