Energetic Empowerment Group Program

Receive the knowledge, encouragement, and support that you as an energetically aware people need to fully access your power and create a life you love. $127/mo.  Membership is now open! But only for a short time.

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Learn the energetic information you need to know and receive energetic change plus healing while receiving the high level of support I provide my VIP clients at a fraction of the cost.

Just knowing the empowerment information you’ve learned isn’t enough.  Maybe you’ve taken an empowerment class or workshop and started to use its information and then life just got in the way.  Sometimes it can even seem like you are right back where you started from. (Hint, after energetic release and energy work you never truly go back – but it can feel that way.)

I’ve found that we as energetically aware people often need more ongoing support or even just kind reminders and encouragement to keep us going on our paths.  We need support to counteract the negative influences of life and society which constantly trying to keep you small.

This ongoing membership program includes weekly live webinars where you receive the information you need, can ask questions about anything plus provides ongoing emotional and energetic support on your journey. To support you as you navigate through any challenges moving toward the life you desire.  Giving you the encouragement you need so you to keep going on your path and finally reach your dreams.

I’ve found that these tools make everything easier and greatly speed your growth and energetic awareness.

So I’m including them as bonuses with your membership.

This Changes Now!  Adv 5.0 Energetic Release and Energetic Change MP3 audio  (This is my go-to tool for any challenge and the most powerful energetic change audio available anywhere!)  $67 value

Energetic Refresh -The Complete System  Video class explaining the clearings in the Power-Up and Energetic Refresh MP3 and handout sheets,  This is the best way to start out your day for clarity, confidence, and strength. $197 value

Sorry, membership closes on November 10th.  If you are seeing this after November 10th, email Max to be added to the wait list.

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