Being on social media has been extra hard for me lately and for a lot of other people too.  Even if we mainly see positive posts, social media has energetic frequencies that can mess with our emotions and our moods.  Over the last couple weeks, these energies and frequencies have been even stronger. Because of the interviews in Washington DC, people who have experienced sexual harassment or assault have been sharing their experiences on Facebook.  For many people sharing these experiences helps them in their healing journey.  For others, sharing their experiences or even reading about other’s experience can be retraumatizing.  So, in this social space we have people needing exactly the opposite experiences and interactions to heal.  (This can make time on Facebook hard for many people.)

Being empathetic, I’ve struggled being on Facebook, (and I’m sure many of you have too) because sensing even some of the pain expressed in recent posts can be huge.  Last week it took me several hours to get to sleep after reading just the vaguest overview of what one of my friends went through.  I can only imagine how many nights she couldn’t sleep.

I’ve been asking myself what I could do to help relieve some of this pain and help people start to heal.   In my energetic empowerment practice, I’ve learned ways to access and then energetically reduce pain and trauma, so I have recorded live a free webinar where we will begin to address and reduce this pain.

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Even just mentioning the topic of abuse can bring up past hurts, so email me any of your questions.

Sending love and healing energy.