I’m not talking about a fantasy world, the one where you win 100 million dollars, or where your super rich dream date flies you around the world to exotic destinations (though that would be a fun fantasy.)

Instead what would make you feel great today?  Or would make you feel great, if in a couple weeks if your life now included that?

For some of you, you might already be having your dream life. Yeah!

For others that life can seem so far away that it doesn’t seem even worth trying for.

But, what if you could take steps, small steps, today to start creating that life today?

The first easy step (it only takes a few minutes to start.)

Write down what your daily life would be like, what would it feel like, if you were already there.

  • This first part isn’t where you put down would have (possessions, jobs, or relationships) but instead focus on how you feel and what you are doing.  Because how we feel and what we are doing is what we’ve decided those other things would give us.
  • Start with your morning. How would you feel?   When would you wake up? What would you do to start your day? What would you drink? What would you eat?

Take a couple minutes and write those down, because the answers might surprise you.

My answers surprised me when I did this.  The first two of my morning items, I could actually have right now.  I didn’t have to wait until I had anything else first.  And how cool is that to start having what you decided would be in your dream life now!

Let me know what you found out and what you can add into your life to start having your great life now.

If you would like personalized steps toward creating the life you desire, reply to this email and let’s chat to see how working together would speed your creation of the life you desire.