How often do you feel you are standing in your Full power?  Where you feel on top of the world, that you can take on any challenge and you just know will succeed?

Well, if you were like I was, that probably isn’t as often as you would like.  And for some of you, it might be really rare for you to feel that strong.

Of the reasons why we don’t normally have access to our full power, the main ones have nothing to do with you. Because you are strong enough, good enough and you have all the capacities you need to create the life you would like.

What is preventing you, well more like resisting you, are emotional and energetic forces.  Many of these are limiting beliefs we bought about ourselves from other people, from our parents, families, friends, teachers, our society, religion and culture, and then there are the energetic forces not often acknowledged, even much less talked about.

Now while the universal energy is a generative and does want you to succeed, there are other energies that don’t want you to step into your full power.  Because they want the world to stay exactly as it is. They want to prevent you from stepping into you full capacities and prevent you from making the difference you know you could make, if you could just do it.  You can find more about these forces on my YouTube video channel.

Since these influences are subliminal, emotional and they are energetic, it is hard if not impossible to remove these by just thinking about them.  So In my empowerment practice I use energetic clearings to remove these forces and limiting beliefs.

To give you access to these powerful tools right away, I’m giving away my latest energetic clearing audio.  I normally charge for this, because is it 5-minutes jam packed with energetic clearings, receiving’s, and removes the blocks in your way, so you can access your Full power right here, right now.  And for a short time, I’m giving away this valuable audio.  Just click this link and let me know where to send you, your free copy of the Quick Power Process.

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I’m Max Riggs, your dynamic change coach and I look forward to seeing more of the powerful you, you just naturally are again soon.

Bye for now.